DyeMansion Powerfuse S

DyeMansion Powerfuse S

The green and industrial vapor polishing system for sealed surfaces.

High End Surface Finish for Your 3D Printed Parts

DyeMansion Powerfuse S is based on DyeMansion’s technology VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS). With VFS, you get sealed and washable parts with injection molding-like surfaces. The surface roughness is reduced to a minimum. The entire process chamber is flooded with vapor while undergoing vacuum.

This ensures a reproducible processing of complex geometries and internal surfaces. VFS works for all common plastics and particularly for flexible polymers such as TPU, for which mechanical techniques are not suitable. The solvent used is approved for the processing of plastics with food contact according to regulation (EU) 10/2011.

Create Parts with Smooth Injection Molding-Like Surfaces

The Powerfuse S is Industry 4.0 ready. The system offers fully automatic loading, connectivity and batch tracking features.

Validated and specially developed programs for all common materials are available and ready to use.

In addition, all process parameters can be adapted individually for other materials.

This ensures flexibility and a seamless integration with existing production processes such as the DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow.

Why choose DyeMansion Powershot S?

Faster cleaning, faster throughput

Reduce equipment footprint

Reduce manual labour cost and time

Consistent results

Features of DyeMansion Powerfuse S

  • 40-80 minute cycle time
  • Robust and sturdy construction
  • Solvent approved for food contact


“I have been in Estonia for over 20 years now, and I feel Estonia and the Baltics are ready for the next step in manufacturing excellence”, says Jason Clark. “Digital manufacturing is here and I want to be a part of bringing this to the Baltic States.”

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