Human Scanning

Human Scanning

The way orthoses, prosthetics and other personalized medical devices are made is quickly becoming an all-digital process. By personalizing devices to a patient’s specific needs and requirements, healing or quality of life can be optimized. In this process, 3D scanning is key.

3D Scanning a foot

Reinventing and optimizing medical devices

Save time and money
Regardless if you’re working with orthopedics, prosthetics or personalized midsoles, going from a traditional to a digital workflow saves both time and money. It’s also a lot easier to make adjustments.

It all begins with 3D scanning
The flow starts with 3D scanning, where you capture and create a 3D image based on a patient’s body part. With 3D scanners from peel 3D, there are no unnecessary features, just pure and simple high-quality scans without any preparations.  

0.1 mm

The level of detail you can 3D scan with peel 3D scanners


Number of measurements per second


Number of output formats, among them stl and obj

0.500 mm/m

Volumetric accuracy based on part size

Why choose 3D Scanning for body parts?

Precision and Accuracy:
3D scanning allows for the capture of precise measurements and detailed 3D models of body parts.
This level of accuracy ensures a perfect fit for orthopedics, prosthetics, and personalized midsoles, leading to improved comfort and performance.

Flexibility and Iteration:
Making adjustments becomes effortless with 3D scanning. The digital model allows for easy modifications and iterations, ensuring the perfect fit and functionality. Whether it’s refining orthopedic devices, optimizing prosthetics, or fine-tuning personalized midsoles, the flexibility of 3D scanning streamlines the design process.

3D Scanning a human part

Customization and Personalization are Key in Healthcare

Every individual is unique, and their body parts deserve tailored solutions.
3D scanning enables the creation of customized and personalized products that cater to the specific needs of each patient.
From orthopedic braces to prosthetic limbs, 3D scanning empowers the production of truly individualized healthcare solutions

3D Scanning a human part

Peel 3D Scanner

3D scanner with unparalleled ease of use, a great resolution and outstanding performance with objects and colors.

The Benefits of 3D Scanning for:

Reverse Engineering

3D scan defunct or broken parts, edit and 3D print for spare parts on demand or custom made parts.

Human Scanning

3D scan to design and 3D print personalized orthoses and prosthetics for better fit.

Art Preservation

3D scan and store invaluable objects or 3D print objects to create stunning, authentic replicas.

Product Design

Reverse engineer existing parts, digitalize handmade models, carry out simulations, and more.

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