3D Printing for Production

3D Printing for Production

3D printing has grown immensely over the years and is now a technology that is used for the manufacturing of high quality, easily customizable end-use parts with consistent output and optimized performance.

Using 3D Printing for Manufacturing End-Use Parts

The 3D printing of end-use parts is the fastest growing application area, with many well-know brands, such as BMW and Airbus, leading the way. 
It is particularly suitable for the production of parts with complex geometries, where traditional manufacturing methods require several expensive production phases or lower volumes, or where other technologies aren’t cost effective.

OEMs utilize 3D printing for bridge manufacturing.
This allows short-run production and faster market launches, while production lines and tooling are developed for mass production.

New optimized product designs allow parts to perform more efficiently and products that traditionally require assembly of multiple parts can be combined.

Why Use 3D Printing for Mass Production?

Design Flexibility: Customize designs effortlessly, adapting quickly to market trends without additional costs.

Cost-Effective: Eliminate the need for expensive moulds. 3D printing reduces upfront costs, making small production runs viable.

Speed to Market: Accelerate from prototype to production, swiftly adapting to consumer demand and reducing time-to-market.

Waste Reduction: Minimize scrap with an additive process that only uses material necessary for the final product, supporting sustainability.

Simplified Supply Chain: Reduce inventory and cut shipping costs by manufacturing closer to the point of consumption with localized production hubs.

Our Best 3D Printers for Production

Figure 4

Real 3D production that is modular and scalable. Our high speed solution.

HP MJF 5200

Unleash new growth and scale your production with HP’s workhorse

Projet 6000/7000

Genuine SLA for the ultimate speed, accuracy and operating economics.

Markforged FX10

With the FX10 you can produce strong parts on demand that meet stringent factory floor requirements.

What our customers say

5 Examples of mass production using 3D Printing


Five examples of mass production using 3D printing

When we think of 3D printing, we often think of producing one-offs, such as prototypes, or low volume production at best.
But there are certain application areas where you can use this technology for mass production.

See how IKEA, Airbus, GE Aviation, Hearing aids and Adidas use 3D Printing for mass production.

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