Man cleaning a 3d printed part.

Updated report shows staggering 3D printing growth

The updated report The current state of 3D printing in the Nordics & Baltics is out now. Learn about how 3D printing is used in this interesting region and understand the critical business factors companies rank before investing.

PLM Group’s annual 3D printing survey is the only report that focuses on the Nordic and Baltic region. Now in its second year, we look at how 3D printing is used, who is using it, what 3D printing technologies are used and what the barriers are for those who haven’t yet invested. We want to understand the state of 3D printing in this region. This year, we also compare numbers with those from last year.

Key findings from the report:

  • 81% own a 3D printer, up from 63%. 20% have their own 3D printer AND outsource print jobs
  • 23% see 3D printing as a true game-changer for the company
  • 61% use FDM technology, while composite FDM has tripled in a year, from 11% to 31%
  • Prototyping still most used application, but concept verification and production tools are growing fast
  • Lead time reduction is the most valued 3D printing benefit, followed by cost reduction and fewer assembly steps