3D printing survey

Take part in our survey and find out how 3D printing is used

Following last year’s 3D printing survey “The Current State of 3D Printing”, with insights on how 3D printing is used in the Nordics and the Baltics, we are now launching this year’s survey, and you can contribute by clicking here >>

The survey is the only Nordic and Baltic report on how 3D printing is used by companies in the region and is an invaluable instrument in understanding usage, benefits and trends in this fast-paced technology area. The results are sent out early next year and are free to download.

Results from this year’s survey showed that 63% of participating companies have their own inhouse 3D printer, but an astonishing 78% are already using 3D printing, some of which rely on suppliers and service bureaus. 35% said they will invest in 3D printing in the next three years.

Nearly 80% were using 3D printing for prototyping, the entry-level usage area for the majority of 3D printing users. Over 50% use 3D printing for concept verification and production tools, such as jigs, fixtures and robotic grippers. 30% are already using it for end-use parts, which is in line with global figures from international reports. 20% use the technology for creating spare parts.

The survey takes less than five minutes to complete.

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