3D Systems adds durable and flexible material FLEX-BLK 10 for Figure 4

3D Systems adds durable and flexible material for its Figure 4 printer

3D Systems continue to develop new industrial-grade materials for its innovative and scalable production solution, Figure 4. The latest material, the black FLEX-BLK 10, is a durable and flexible material designed to produce tough parts with the look and feel of molded polypropylene, PP.

Key features of the new material are very good elongation at break and impact strength. Suitable application areas are prototyping, functional testing and low volume production. It can be used for parts such as automotive styling parts, consumer goods and electronic components, snap fit assemblies, and master patterns for silicone molding.

The mechanical properties for post-cured parts have been measured by 3D Systems. The tensile strength is 46 MPa, and the flexural strength 37 MPa. The hardness is 76D (shore).

3D Systems FLEX-BLK 10 is sold in containers from 1-10 kilograms, for the Figure 4 Standalone, to the Figure 4 Production.

Go to your local PLM Group webshop to buy FLEX-BLK 10.

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