Conference on how 3D printing is reshaping manufacturing

With a steady growth of up to 30% annually, no one doubts that 3D printing will continue to disrupt the world of manufacturing. Here, at PLM Group’s 3D printing division, we have first-hand experience in helping customers with integrating top of the line solutions with the help of our partners at HP, 3D Systems and Markforged.

Now, you have the opportunity to learn all about PLM Group’s top of the line 3D printing solutions and how they are used successfully in a number of industry verticals. During a half-day conference, we have invited our 3D printing partners, and together with some of our successful customers, we will share our knowledge and expertise with you. This is your chance to dive in at the deep end of 3D printing and see the potential benefits for your company.
The conference topics will range from how to use 3D printing for product development and prototyping, how to make the best business decisions before investing, materials development, and how 3D printers actually work. Our customers will share their experiences in working with 3D printing on a daily basis.

Register for your 3D Printing Event here:
Sweden on October 15
Denmark on October 22 & 23
Finland on November 7
Norway on November 12


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