Discover a New Playground for 3D Printing at Our Innovation Center

Something truly remarkable is being built at our facility in Värnamo, Sweden. We are building a giant 3D printing park filled with creativity and technological advancement. We’re calling it the Innovation Center. Our Innovation Center is designed to immerse you in the dynamic world of 3D printing. The construction process has already started – let us take you on a tour of the upcoming Innovation Center.

Innovation Center Värnamo
In this area we are building the Innovation Center. It is in the same facility that we have our Värnamo office.

The Innovation Center

Welcome on a tour behind the scenes of the construction of what will be the Innovation Center. A 400m², 7 rooms facility, filled with all you need to explore the true wonders of 3D printing.

The idea behind this center is to create a place where innovation can flourish. We want to invite organizations of all sizes and industries to join a transformative journey. Whether you are a tech startup, a well-established enterprise, or an academic institution with a passion for innovation, the center offers the perfect ecosystem to nurture and cultivate ground-breaking ideas.

A Hub for Collaboration

The core of the Innovation Center is our drive for collaboration. It’s a center that will bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and visionary entrepreneurs, encouraging a diverse exchange of ideas and perspectives. Here we will bridge the gap between idea and reality through the transformative power of 3D printing. By fostering an environment where participants can share knowledge and expertise, the center creates a seedbed for innovation.

Best-in-class Partners
For this we have partnered up with some of the most well-known 3D printer companies to provide our customers with best-in-class solutions in software, 3D printing, 3D scanning and postprocessing. We will have rooms dedicated to machines from Markforged and 3D Systems, a HP powder room and a postprocessing room including equipment from Dyemansion and PostProcess and more. Ravema, our sister company, will also provide with a measuring room with equipment to help controlling all prints.

This is a sketch of the Innovation Center. The room to the left will be the Markforged room, followed with the room for 3D Systems. On the right you see the postprocessing room.

Designed for You

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in 3D technology or new to this revolutionary field, the Innovation Center in Värnamo is a resource designed for you. The Innovation Center will be a state-of-the-art facility designed to foster innovation and nurture creative thinking. We want to help you better understand 3D printing and how it can fit into your processes and business model.

Workshops and Seminars
At the center we will regularly hosts workshops and seminars. Our dedicated Application Specialist, 3D printing experts and other masters around the world will share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices with you, offering invaluable insights that can be applied to real-world challenges. These events create a space for continuous learning and help you to keep up with the trends.

Another great experience for you is the guided tours that are led by our Application Engineers. They will guide your through our center, sharing stories of innovation and explaining the technology and processes used. Learn more about other businesses that has leveraged 3D printing to overcome challenges, create value, and break new ground in their respective fields.

Imagination is the key. This does not look much for the world at the moment, but you need to take one step at a time. 

Making It All Happen

Karl Eriksson is our Application Specialist at PLM Group in Värnamo and a person who really live and breaths 3D printing.
Together with his team, he is managing the whole project of making the Innovation Center come to life. Maybe you have already had the pleasure to meet Karl and talk about solutions and the incredible world that 3D printing offer. If not, there is a big chance for you when you visit the Innovation Center.

“I am incredibly thrilled about this innovation center! It’s so exciting to be able to showcase the endless possibilities of 3D printing in our center, where technology meets imagination. Our Center is designed to educate, demonstrate, and inspire visitors, helping them unlock the true potential of their 3D printing journey. Here, you will not only see, feel, and experience cutting-edge technologies for various applications but also experience the entire workflow, from beginning to end.“

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We got walls! And windows and doors! Now, we need machines!

Revolutionizing the Way We Innovate

Why are we building an Innovation Center? We believe that innovation lies at the heart of progress, driving businesses to new heights and transforming industries. As technology rapidly evolves, companies must embrace cutting-edge solutions to stay competitive and deliver exceptional products and services to their customers.

We want to revolutionize the way we innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible. With our commitment to collaboration, partners with cutting-edge technology, and your ability to challenge creativity, the center serves as a driving force behind the next generation of game-changing products and services.

The Innovation Center stands as a beacon of creativity and collaboration, offering a powerful platform to unlock the full potential of innovation. Embrace the power of innovation and embark on a transformative journey with the Innovation Center. Together, we will shape a future limited only by your imagination.

Visit Addinor in Värnamo

The Innovation Center is open. Feel free to book your visit and get a 1:1 hands on together with one of our experts. Read more here.