PLM Group’s service engineers certified by DyeMansion

In mid-September, we received an important addition to our 3D printer setup in our showroom at NEXTTECH in Denmark. We now have three cool postprocessing solutions for cleaning, surface finishing and coloring of SLS or MJF printed parts.

Alongside the installation of these three new machines, our field service engineers, or FSEs, had five days of training, making PLM Group ready to cater to any customer need in the Nordics and Baltics.

We caught up with Peter Eriksson, one of our service engineers, to hear more about the training and what it means to have a staff of certified FSEs with up to date knowledge on our 3D printing portfolio.

Hi Peter! What does it mean to be certified for a specific technology?

“Firstly, the goal for us is to be able to install the equipment and, if so happens, to troubleshoot if something goes wrong.”

“Being certified is often something that our partners require us to do, and it’s to guarantee a consistent service level for all our customers.”

What are the different training steps during these five days of training?

“At NEXTTECH, we nearly completed a full installation of all three units, the DyeMansion Powershot C, the Powershot S, and the dyeing unit, DM60.”

“Basically, we get to know the service manual like the back of our hands, which is a great comfort for anyone wanting to invest in these solutions, as we are close by to help maximize uptime.”

PLM Group now has three DyeMansion certified field service engineers covering Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

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