Survey report on 3D printing

Early adopters and businesses planning to invest in 3D printing

In late 2018, we conducted a detailed survey on 3D printing to figure out the state of 3D printing in Nordics and Baltics.

The survey reveals that 63% of companies in the region have actually invested in their own 3D printers, while others are outsourcing their 3D printing. What this demonstrates is that companies are not idly twiddling their thumbs while sitting on the sidelines; they’re actually using this technology for their day-to-day ops.

It is not just the usual suspects – Manufacturing and Industrial Machinery companies that are using 3D printing. We witnessed widespread usage across High-tech, Consumer Products, Medical and Engineering Design Services.

A mere 10% of companies reported that they’ve still to dip their toes into the water when it comes to 3D printing. And the reasons were different for different companies. Some had concerns about the perceived high costs, some lacked know-how while yet others were unaware of the benefits.

What does the future look like? Well, one in three companies plan to invest in 3D printing. Interestingly, some couldn’t firmly answer this question because they simply didn’t know enough or needed more time to investigate their options or had provisions in their budget today.

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