Full colour 3D printer HP MJF 580

PLM Group installs first full colour 3D printer

The Danish AM organization NEXTTECH can now 3D print in full colour in their HP MJF 580, catering to prototyping and end-use parts needs. The base material is PA12, and the colour gamut is the largest we have experienced in 3D printing.

”This installation opens for a new range of possibilities in 3D printing, not just in design, but also in functionality”, says Karsten Friis Hansen, CEO of NEXTTECH. “The PA12 material can be used for different applications, even complex ones, such as snap fit parts.” HP Jet Fusion 580

The Multi Jet Fusion based 3D printer at NEXTTECH uses a specially formulated polyamide, or nylon, as it is also called. Combined with the new colour capacity, usage areas encompass not just prototyping and product design, but also end-use parts, where colour can be used for added functionality.
The HP MJF 580 installation is located at NEXTTECH in Kolding, Denmark.

If you want to learn more, book a demo or print sample parts, please contact PLM Group’s application engineer, Kurt Due Petersen.

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