HP launches new full color 3D printing solution

HP marks another milestone on its 3D printing journey. Last week they announced an expansion in their 3D printing portfolio. With the new full color system Jet Fusion 500 series, HP aims to make 3D printing accessible for more companies around the world.

The expansion includes a total of 4 new printers in HP’s product portfolio. In addition, it also includes the possibility of full color 3D printing, which is highly popular functionality in many industries such as in healthcare, consumer goods and architecture. HP’s unique ability to control part properties of every individual voxel (a 3D pixel) unlocks the design and production of previously inconceivable products, in full color.

hp color 3d printAccessible to more companies

In order to stay competitive in today’s market, companies need an ability to think and design differently. 3D printing provides a chance to do just that by allowing product developers to explore new designs and geometries which were previously impossible for effectively manufacturing.

With a lower price of investment and higher accessibility compared to their current printer series, HP aims to make this competitive edge available to also more small and medium sized product developers.

To make it more accessible, HP has taken a number of steps to make the new system even more convenient for users to install and handle. For example, the current 3000/4000 series has more natural environmental limitations as it cannot fit through a standard doorway. The 300/500 system is designed with just this in mind.


Four new models

The new system is available in two sizes: the 300 for smaller part sizes, or just fewer parts per build; and the 500 with a bigger build size for larger or even more parts for those in need of a higher throughput. Both sizes are capable of printing in either just black and white, or with full color capabilities.

3d-refresh_tcm_245_2549379500 Series (190mm x 332mm x 248mm)

  • HP Jet Fusion 540 Black and White
  • HP Jet Fusion 580 Color

300 Series (190mm x 254mm x 248mm)

  • HP Jet Fusion 340 Black and White
  • HP Jet Fusion 380 Color

A new material arrives also with these new printers. The new material is highly reusable and color-enabling “CB PA 12”, which promises the same mechanical properties as the strong and durable “PA 12” material which is already in use in the 3000/4000 series.

Cooperation with Dassault Systèmes

In the annual SOLIDWORKS World conference, HP also announced their collaboration with Dassault Systèmes – more specifically their plan to optimize functionality between the industry leading CAD software SOLIDWORKS and the HP 3D printing solution.

This inter-functionality will rely on using the popular 3MF standard for accurate exchange of information. A seamless workflow between design and production will in terms greatly benefit the final users, enabling product developers easily to realize innovative designs.

Learn more about the HP Jet Fusion 300/500