Markforged Print Farms

Markforged Print Farms for increased capacity

Markforged has developed a technology that allows for creating Markforged Print Farms with their metal and carbon fiber 3D printers. A print farm is a batch of 3D printers, and is an economic way for customers to add metal and carbon fiber printing capacity.

The new Print Farm packages allow customers to purchase several Metal X systems and X7 printers, priced together, to rapidly create metal, composite, and hybrid parts that leverage both materials for high-throughput 3D printing. Managed from one centralized, cloud-based software platform, Markforged Print Farms unlock access to a full range of industrial materials on one platform and the opportunity to print multiple materials in parallel.

“We are introducing Print Farms to help customers maximize the efficiency of our Metal X systems. Three to five Metal X printers, one Wash and a Sinter-2 is the optimum package to maximize output,” said Jon Reilly, VP of Product at Markforged. “A properly balanced print farm helps companies accelerate their transition to digital manufacturing.”

The new Print Farms let clients create parts that are optimized for cost, speed, and efficiency — and Markforged makes it simple with a robust lineup of metal and carbon fiber materials.

Today, Markforged customers can print with 17-4PH Stainless Steel, H13 Tool Steel, A2 and D2 Tool Steel, as well as Inconel. For plastics, Markforged’s Onyx material combines with high-strength continuous fibers, such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, HSHT fiberglass, and Kevlar, to create parts as strong as aluminum. The line up also includes Onyx FR, a certified flame-retardant material designed for industries like aerospace, automotive, and defence.

The new solutions are launching just as the company has seen massive growth in the last year. Markforged has more than 10,000 users in more than 50 countries and is one of the top 10 fastest-growing companies in North America, according to Deloitte.

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