Markforged adds another tool steel for the 3D printer Metal X

A2 is a new cold working tool steel for the Markforged Metal X. A2 is often used for tooling and fixtures applications, as well as in mould and die shops. It provides a hard edge and is wear resistant.

The new tool steel is a highly versatile air-hardening tool steel often regarded as a “universal” cold work steel. It offers a combination of good wear resistance (between O1 and D2) and toughness. Considered relatively easy to machine in the annealed condition, it has a high compression strength and good dimensional stability during hardening and tempering. It’s used for a wide variety of cold-work tools, from forming and cutting equipment to high wear parts.

Tool steel A2 can be heat-treated to increase hardness and durability. Markforged recommends heat-treating A2 tool steel to optimize material properties, though it can be used “as-sintered”. Examples of application areas: Sheet metal fabricators working with bending, tamping and forming. Manufacturers and assemblers that 3D print internal tooling and fixturing. Large machine shops for internal tooling purposes.

The new A2 Tool Steel joins a metal portfolio containing 17-4 Stainless Steel and H13 Tool Steel. For heat treatment, heat A2 Tool Steel part in a standard (non-vacuum) furnace to 970 degrees.

Go to your local PLM Group webshop to buy Markforged A2 Tool.

When should I 3D print with A2?

  • When you have dimensionally feasible parts (tennisball size)
  • When you are seeking a lighter weight alternative with surface hardness
  • When you want to enable complex shapes that are difficult to machine
  • When you have parts that don’t require solid infill
  • When you need a hard edge and a component that can stand up to wear

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