Materialise Magics

Materialise Magics faster than ever

The Belgian software developer Materialise has launched Materialise Magics 24, as well as next-generation Build Processors designed to drive serial additive manufacturing.

In the latest version of Magics 24 the nesting option has become a lot faster. This reduces the build preparation process for users so they can scale their 3D printing business.

Materialise 24 has also been upgraded to help optimize production processes for scaling operations. One of the new features includes a Bounding Box option, which reduces nesting processes to milliseconds. According to Materialise, this upgrade is 30 times faster than the previous version.

The new Support Transfer feature allows for mass customization by copying the support generation of an object and transferring it to similarly shaped objects. This eliminates the need for complete redesigns of support structures, which can be very time-consuming.
There’s also the new feature Support Transparency, which enables users to make support structures transparent. The feature can be used for optimal viewing when you want to inspect a part. The ability to schedule multiple simulation sessions is also available to run operations run.

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