MJF 5200

”The MJF 5200 fits perfectly in NEXTTECH’s setup”

It’s busy days for Danish AM organization NEXTTECH’s CEO, Karsten Friis Hansen. Earlier this week, a team from PLM Group and NEXTTECH received the first HP MJF 5200 3D printer in the Nordics, and installation is now well underway. The 5200 is HP’s latest workhorse for volume production, using the same unique Multi Jet Fusion technology as the 4200 and 500 series. We caught up with Karsten to ask a few questions about the new installation.

Q: Hi Karsten! Tell us, why have you decided to add the new MJF 5200 to NEXTTECH’s already large 3D printer setup in Denmark?

A: “NEXTTECH has installed the MJF 5200 because it is the latest version of production machines from HP with many very interesting features.”

Q: How does the 5200 fit in to your current setup here at NEXTTECH?

A: ”The MJF 5200 fits perfectly in NEXTTECH’s setup, as our member companies are mainly focusing on high volumes. With the installation here at NEXTTECH, we can give our members the possibility to test this new technology.”

Q: The 5200 was developed for longer runs – what is your experience with volume production? Do you see any particular trends in terms of what applications are printed, what industries that are interested in longer runs, et cetera?

A: ”Some of our members are already printing parts for production. As far as trends go, we see a bright future for production printing. Because of the higher quality, lower production costs and better delivery times, we see that it can be used for many different applications.”

Q: And, finally, how will the members use the new 5200 printer – have you had any requests already, and, if so, what are your members looking forward to printing?

A: ”Our members are looking forward to test this new machine, and test all the new features that this machine has. We have already planned some parts for production together with some of them, and I am eager to share our first results in the near future.”

→ You can find out more about the HP MJF 5200 here


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