PLM Group delivers its first HP 3D printer

As a reseller of HP 3D printers, PLM Group has delivered the first HP Jet Fusion 3D printer to its customer. Finnish company 3DTech Ltd invested in an HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 printer as they wanted to invest in their ability to offer 3D solutions also at the international level. Their services include 3D scanning, 3D modelling and 3D manufacturing, among others.

In the picture: Tomi Kalpio ja CEO Marko Piira from 3DTech Ltd.

Tomi Kalpio is one of the company founders and is responsible for the company development. He explains: “The HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 grabbed our full attention right from the beginning. Sure, we were also looking at other products, but this was the one that really did it for us. You don’t just go out and buy a piece of equipment like this on a whim. That’s why we spent several years comparing the development of this printer with similar other printers. We went over our evaluation process and, in our opinion, the HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 was the best investment for the future of our company. The HP 3D printer was available in the PLM Group product portfolio and we were already familiar with PLM Group from before. It felt totally natural to work with them.”

The printer was delivered to the 3DTech premises and was ramped up at the beginning of August. PLM Group 3D experts and HP experts were on hand for the printer start-up. HP and the PLM Group work in close co-operation with the customer, as employee training and various types of service agreements are included with the purchase of 3D printers. Close cooperation ensures the customer an optimal end result and flawless printer performance. “And we have been very satisfied with the PLM Group as a supplier,” says Kalpio.

Gøran Jenssen, Business Unit Manager of 3D Printing at the PLM Group, is extremely pleased about the co-operation with 3DTech. “We have been a reseller of HP 3D printers since June 2017, and the printer purchased by 3DTech is the first HP 3D printer delivered by the PLM Group to be installed for the customer together with HP. When we first met with Marko Piira and Tomi Kalpio of 3DTech to discuss the HP printer, we were very impressed by the sheer amount of research they had done on these types of printers. They knew exactly what they wanted and we were able to deliver it to them. The HP 3D printers are the latest addition to our 3D printer product portfolio, and PLM Group has its own demo printer in Denmark. We want to be able to offer our customers comprehensive solutions and help them to see 3D printing as a manufacturing method worth considering. In autumn, we will highlight 3D printing at our SOLIDWORKS 2018 launch events.”

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