Rimbøl Teknik has seen the light in 3D printing

Danish company Rimbøl Teknik started their 3D printing adventure with a MarkForged Mark Two printer one and a half years ago. 

Rimbøl Teknik saw the light in 3D printing after experiencing significant decline in lead times. They went from 2-4 weeks of lead time for prototypes and end user parts down to a day or two. The company began to look at a wider perspective and how they could use it in the daily business in order to be able to complete more complex orders from customers.

They invested and installed a PJ7000 from 3D Systems. They have already created end user parts which save them time and money. PJ7000 printer makes Rimbøl Teknik even more flexible by allowing to fulfill more complex and almost impossible parts that could not be produced in traditional ways.