Sharing knowledge at Nexttech for additive manufacturing

Sharing knowledge is a trademark for the 3D printing community

Here at Addinor, we firmly believe knowledge and being well-informed is key. Understanding and keeping up with the developments in the additive manufacturing industry is a vital ingredient of our mission. Many of our co-workers are out in the field on a daily basis – visiting customers, presenting at universities and organizations, or attending trade shows to share knowledge and learn more.

Our 3D printing team recently finished an impressive 3D printing installation at one of Denmark’s most prominent knowledge centres on additive manufacturing, NEXTTECH. It is located in Kolding, Jutland, the western-most island in Denmark. The Kolding region is renowned for its many metal industries. Thanks to the arduous work of NEXTTECH, many of these regional companies have begun to reap the benefits of additive manufacturing.

NEXTTECH was launched in 2017 as a means to promote knowledge on additive manufacturing. The organization offers training sessions and seminars on different aspects of 3D printing. But they also offer advice and help on how to CAD and construct for 3D printing. According to several global studies, this lack of knowledge is a major bottleneck that hampers the adoption of additive manufacturing.

The 3D printer setup at NEXTTECH is made up of best in class solutions. Here, members can choose from the latest metal and composite 3D printing technology from Markforged, as well as powder and liquid resin 3D printing from 3D Systems. Several member companies have already printed functional prototypes of innovative applications that have strong business potential.

Whatever stage you are in on your path towards becoming a 3D printing user, there is always the need for a knowledgeable partner that can offer advice on your next steps. Whether it is a matter of setting up a business case, in-depth knowledge on what technology to choose, or learn more about successful applications for your industry vertical, choose a partner that has the expertise and the experience to guide you.