Software to optimize the 3D print process

Here at PLM Group, we have been working with 3D Systems, HP and Markforged for many years. As the adoption of 3D printing is increasing, there is a growing need for software solutions that help companies streamline the 3D printing processes.

This is why we have now partnered with the Belgian software and engineering company Materialise. Their software packages, Streamics and Magics, offer some of the best toolboxes on the market for optimizing all the preparing stages before you print, as well as tools for monitoring and keeping track of your builds.

Besides offering Streamics and Magics to our Nordic customers, we will also work to develop bundles with Materialise’s HP Build Processor, to be used with HP’s production printers in the 4200 and 5200 series.

”Materialise is truly one of the leading AM companies in the world”, says Kurt Due Petersen, application specialist at PLM Group. “They have a wide array of tools for the additive manufacturing processes and also complete workflows for different industry verticals.”

”There are some very sharp tools in the Materialise portfolio to speed up and optimize time-consuming tasks such as scaling of 3D models, fixing stl files or optimizing parts placement in the build chamber.”

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