People in front of the 3D printer Figure 3 from 3D Systems.

Swedish roadshow with the 3D printer Figure 4

Between October 1-3, PLM Group and 3D Systems hit the Swedish roads to showcase the new production platform, Figure 4. The 3D printing solution is unique, as it can be scaled for any production need. It also features industrial materials, impressive capacity and an astonishing resolution. It is also one of few 3D printers that can print elastomers that perform as if they were injection molded.

The roadshow starts in Gothenburg on October 1, then we’re off to Värnamo, and finally, Stockholm. If you work with product development or in manufacturing, this is a good opportunity to take a close look at the Figure 4 3D printer in our hands on demo session. You will also learn how to design for the platform, and get an understanding of what materials to use, as well as see a number of suitable applications. For those visiting our Stockholm event, there will also be an inspiring presentation by one of our clients.

The Figure 4 is a DLP based (Digital Light Processing) 3D printer that can be scaled according to you current 3D printing needs. You can move seamlessly from one unit up to full scale production with a capacity of over a million printed parts per year. The Figure 4 is also one of few 3D printers that can handle professional elastomers, a material type proven to be very difficult to 3D print. With the Figure 4, you get parts that have the same properties as injection molded elastomers.

During our events, we will print parts that attendees can take with them.

Dates and venues
October 1, 13-15:30, Yovinn, Kvarnbergsgatan 2, Gothenburg
October 2, 9:30-12:00 (followed by complimentary lunch), PLM Group, Stenfalksvägen 2, Värnamo
October 3, 13-15:30, Splitvision Design, Hudiksvallsgatan 8, Stockholm
Events are cost-free. A light meal and/or snacks and drinks will be served.

Register now
To register, send an email to Sara Monrad,, and state the number of attendees and contact information.