Achieve a Star Wars Finish with the Perfect Post Processing

Our Application Engineer, Karl, will show you how to 3D print a Star Wars Mandalorian helmet with a perfect finish worth a real collector piece, using HP Jet Fusion 5600 and post processing solutions from DyeMansion.

With post processing solutions you can transform the surface in many different ways and create your 3d printed parts with a perfect finish.

We asked Karl to test some of the 3D print post processing solutions we have at the Innovation Center and how to get great surface with those. To his help, he has a Star Wars mandalorian helmet model to show the final finish result. 

Watch the video where Karl describes the process and steps that he took.

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The Process Step by Step

Step 1
The parts are built within the building unit of the HP Jet Fusion 5600, going from the machine to the post-processing station. Once the build is moved there, the digging can begin. It is in this powder cake that we find our Mandalorian helmet.

Step 2
We brush off most of the powder, but eventually a lot more will need to be removed.

For this, we use the DyeMansion Powershot C, a blaster that cleans parts quickly and efficiently. With its two simultaneously working blasting nozzles, it removes powder with great results.

Step 3
Now that all the powder is gone, we move on to the next step: improving the surface. We use another blaster to get it smoother, the Powershot S from DyeMansion.

By shooting beads accelerated with compressed air, we equalize the peaks and lows of the surface, achieving a more homogeneous part quality.

The pores are closed during the process, resulting in a significantly improved, uniform surface.

Step 4
Afterwards we are reducing the surface roughness to a minimum, by putting the helmet in DyeMansion’s Powerfuse S. It uses a solvent that will further improve the part’s surface.

We place the Mandalorian helmet in the heated fusing chamber, where the solvent is applied as a vapor, giving us a great surface and our final result.

And that is how you 3D print a Mandalorian helmet with a great surface finish.

Watch the Whole Journey

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Products Featured in the Video

HP Jet Fusion 5200

Scale your production with HP’s manufacturing-ready 3D print solutions.

Dyemansion Powershot C

The industry standard for easy and efficient cleaning of 3D printed parts

Dyemansion Powershot S

Efficient surfacing technology for end-use parts

Dyemansion Powerfuse S

The green and industrial vapor polishing system for sealed surfaces


Post-processing is an integral part of 3D printing. Using automated solutions means you will be able to shorten your lead times and scale your operations with confidence.