Yovinn AB

By investing in a Markforged X7 3D printer, Yovinn can add value to their services portfolio and help customers stay competitive.

The challenge

Yovinn is a highly niched product development and design agency in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. During the past few years, the company has invested heavily in 3D printing. The latest installation is an industrial composite and fiber reinforcement 3D printer, the Markforged X7. One of Yovinn’s main challenges is making sure they cater to all customers’ needs and help their customers stay competitive.

The solution

Yovinn sees that additive manufacturing is maturing at a rapid pace, from prototyping to end-use parts. That’s the main reason the company has now invested in a Markforged X7 as well as strengthening their partnership with PLM Group. With the Markforged X7, Yovinn can now produce prototypes and high-performing parts in a short amount of time and at a low cost.

Many customers are used to the traditional machining of parts in aluminum, but the Yovinn staff began investigating if they could print it in carbon fiber reinforced plastic instead. The company soon realized they could cut the lead time by weeks and reduce the cost. They also made the part 30 percent lighter, a real bonus.

The designers at Yovinn think it’s good to experience a part in real life. When they introduce a printed part to a customer, they can experience it, rather than just see a digital 3D model on screen.

Yovinn AB

”Yovinn’s relationship with PLM Group stretches back ten years. They have been very supportive when it comes to Solidworks, and now also with building our 3D Hub here in Gothenburg. We really look forward to developing our relationship with PLM Group, and we hope that the next ten years will be as good as the first ten.”

Markus Hallberg