After challenges with sourcing tools for their wind turbine production and installation, Danish company Vestas began exploring how to optimize their overall manufacturing process. By using smart software, digital warehousing and 3D print from Markforged, the company can now produce whatever tool they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Since 1977, Polar Electro producing sports watches, heart rate sensors, and other devices capture all the complex data from the body and translate it into useful statistics to offer personalized guidance. To build these innovative products, clever engineering and smart manufacturing play a key role in the product development process at Polar. With the help of an in-house 3D printer, Polar’s development teams continuously iterate and refine prototypes all the way up until serial production.

Tallinn-based ADDform is the first 3D printing service bureau in the Baltic region, boasting an industrial 3D printing solution from HP for manufacturing plastic parts.

Tonny Socha Refshammer and Henry Frederiksen, tooling designers, at Widex.

With the 3D printer Figure 4, hearing aid company Widex has optimized production line logistics as well as prototyping. Not only does 3D printing solve assembly line challenges, it also speeds up their product development process. There’s a saying in the 3D printing world that the hearing aid industry changed overnight. Of course this wasn’t

3D printing ESD-safe test fixtures reduce labor cost and increase geometrical freedom for Swedish Columbia Elektronik. Columbia Elektronik AB manufactures complete test fixturing solutions for the Nordic electronics industry. Over the past few years, they have seen a steady increase in demand for ESD-safe materials. This is mainly due to the changing manufacturing landscape, but

Farmdroid robot on a field. Developed using Markforged 3D printers

Founded in 2018 by the brothers Jens and Kristian Warming together with robot expert Esben Østergaard, FarmDroid brings innovation to agriculture. The FarmDroid FD20 is a field robot that helps farmers and plant growers reduce the costs for sowing and weeding crops. The solar cell panels keep operations CO2 neutral and organic. The robot is

By 3D printing their own CMM fixtures, Swedish machine shop MF Precision can cut lead times and cost, as well as raise the measuring quality.  MF Precision, based in the North of Sweden, take pride in their high level of competence, technology usage and automation. The company excels in advanced cutting and their strength is

Using Markforged’s metal 3D printer Metal X, cutting tool expert Guhring UK can reduce lead times and costs for prototypes and cutting tools. The challenge Guhring UK manufactures bespoke cutting and milling tools for some of the world’s largest companies, including BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Airbus, and BAE Systems. The cmpany’s expertise in manufacturing carbide

Using Markforged’s carbon reinforcement printers, JJ Churchill can print high-precision inspection fixtures in a short amount of time. The challenge In order for aircraft to fly true, JJ Churchill (JJC) meticulously inspects every blade of its jet engine turbines. Their coordinate measurement machine (CMM) fixtures must maintain tight tolerances and deflect minimally in order to